The Highland Rim Shooter’s Club has a distinguished history in rifle competition, Skeet and Trap Competition, Service Rifle Competition and Small Bore Rifle competition.

Although the original skeet field is still in operation, the small “range house” has long since been removed.

The Clay Target range consists of four NSSA Certified Skeet Fields and two ATA Certified Trap fields.  The Skeet fields are equipped with Winchester/Western Skeet machines, and the Trap Fields are equipped with Pat Traps capable of throwing Singles, Doubles and Wobble targets.  The capability to throw International Skeet Targets is on the horizon.

The Highland Rim Small Bore Team was recognized by the National Rifle Associating in April of 1962

Numerous state and national titles have been won by Club members over the years in both Skeet and Trap, to include the 1998 Skeet Champion with a 400 x 400, placement on the NSSA Rookie Team, Tennessee Junior Trap Singles Champion as well as many gun championships in Skeet.